Mirago’s M3 adserver is the culmination of many man-decades of development and has grown from humble beginnings into a comprehensive advert management and delivery platform for media networks and publishers.

Highly Configurable

Don’t be restricted by off the shelf products. M3 contains hundreds of configurations to give you exactly what you need

White Label

Add company branding and colour-scheme to make the platform your own


Simplicity and peace of mind: the platform is fully hosted by us in a secure cloud environment


Our futureproofed technology means that as your networks grow, M3 grows too


Full  web API available


Our user interface is available in English, German, French and Italian with scope for more languages, if required

No Set up Fee

No Hidden Charges

Flexible Payment Options

No Contract Length

Get in touch with us to arrange a no obligation demo today and see the power of M3 for yourself.


Create and manage publisher networks using a host of features designed to make implementing adverts from the M3 platform simple and rewarding.

  • Get Paid
    Publishers Can Be Paid A Revenue Share, In Real Time Or On A Fixed Price For Clicks Or Impressions.
  • Make Requests
    Request ads using a combination of keyword, category, ad type, ad format and ad size
  • XML or JSON?
    Full implementation guide available
  • Traffic Control
    Create and run multiple networks to separate traffic types and fine tune traffic quality.
  • No Query Clipping
    Seriously, we don't
  • No Limits
    We don't set min / max traffic limits
  • JSads
    Use our code generator to quickly and easily create ad calls.

Get Paid

Publishers can be paid a revenue share, in real time, or on a fixed price for clicks and impressions

Make Requests

Request ads using a combination of keyword, category, ad type, ad format and ad size


Full implementation guide available

Traffic Control

Create and run multiple networks to separate traffic types and fine tune traffic quality

No Limits

We don’t set min / max traffic limits


Use our code generator to quickly and easily create ad calls


Dynamically create, edit and manage advertisers or let them manage themselves via our sign up process. 


Use third party feeds to provide advertising inventory, or as a backfill to in-house ads. We’re compatible with over 90 providers and aim to make using feeds as easy and trouble free as possible.

Feeds can be CPC or CPM based. Apply them across just one or all available networks.

Use feeds controls to determine how feeds behave. Apply filters by:





Target your audience using an extensive range of options to ensure that the right adverts appear at the right time for right user

Create multiple campaign feeds and apply custom targeting to each. Targeting options include:



Mirago’s real time reporting tool might just be the best on the market. Find data points on everything you need to make your marketing a success and keep your clients informed.


Set for reports to be automatically emailed to you or your clients every hour, day, week or month

70+ Fields

Choose from over 70 fields to create exactly the type of report you need

Real Time Data

Don’t wait for insights – real time data is available up to the last hour

Itemised IOs

Create IO reports and provide advertisers with a detailed breakdown of spend. Account for every single click


Create template reports for quick access to common data insights


Working on something secret? Make reports private so only you can see them


Here To Help

At Mirago, we won’t give you a product and expect you to use it without help. We’re as hands on as you need with first class customer support and even account management expertise, should you need it.

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Arrange a call with a Solutions Architect to discuss your requirements and understand all that M3 has to offer.

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