Efficiently create, manage and deliver ad campaigns

Create and manage advertisers using our intuitive user interface, or allow customers to sign up for their own accounts using a simple, step-by-step creation process.

Launch anything from small to very large ad campaigns with all the functionality required to make the job simple and efficient. 

Programmatic Options

Control your platform's ad ranking system using our  programmatic options. choose to show the best performing adverts first, for the adverts to intelligently rotate, or to display ads based on auction wins. You can also use our Shuffle feature to make sure adverts don't get lost in the crowd.

Media Manager

Save time using our media management tool. Upload  banner or logo media to an advertiser account once and then use association options to assign it to as many campaigns or individual sets of copy as you wish.

White Label

Fully customise your platform by adding your brand and colour scheme to the user interface and customer notification emails. You can also create company branded ad feed calls for a completely white label experience.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all our features and the full range of services we can provide, send us an email or book a consultation with one of our experienced solutions architects today. 


Advertising activity can be paid for using insertion orders. We also offer a number of prepay options and can integrate with most payment gateways. We use Braintree as our standard.

Reviewing Tool

Monitor and approve the content added by advertisers and publishers using our reviewing tool. See when new customers sign up and existing ones make changes to their campaigns.


Use detailed permission settings to control

  • User access to features
  • Management of accounts
  • Creation / Viewing of reports

Platform Reporting

Create and customise reports using our highly advanced suite to get real-time analysis on any data metric you require.

Other Features Include

Budget Pacing

Daily Spend Rollover / Under

Frequency Capping

Day Parting

Inclusions & Exclusions

Click & Impression Limits

And More

Advertising Options


  • Location
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser

And More

Ad Formats

  • In-App
  • Te​xt
  • Display
  • HTML5 

And More


  • Keyword
  • Channel
  • Run of Network
  • Retargeting

And More

Can't find what you want?

If you're struggling to find the right features with other technology platforms and our current configurations can't help. Mirago offers a custom feature development service. Following an in-depth consultation with one of our solutions architects, we can fully implement new features or configurations - in house - from concept to QA testing.

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